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  "RCT 1 Tutorials coming back alive" written by: Maurine on Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hi everybody,
well guess I should really stand in the corner and I really am ashamed that I haven`t done much in the past. But I am back and I will be trying to do the best that I can to keep RCT Fun alive. First off, I have finished part of the old RCT Fun Tutorials. Anyone that is still fond of RCT1 can catch the Entrance-Tutorials here.
These tutorials were written by Charlene (CJK). All of the tutorials from the old RCT Fun site will gradually be added.
The instructions are fully illustrated, so they may download slowly.

Sorry that this is all I have at the moment. But I am sure that we will be having some more new stuff soon.
Have (RCT)Fun!!!


  "Guess what?? Maurine is back.." written by: Mama Bear on Thursday, June 01, 2006

We are happy to announce that after a troubled period in her personal life our webmaster Maurine is “alive and kicking” again! It is good to have her back! So, what is on update……:

First of all, our new layout! To celebrate RCT Funs 5th anniversary. Better looking, faster in download and easier to navigate! Maurine did a great job on it!

The RCT Fun 5th anniversary contest…..Only two completed parks were submitted by Boomer and 5dave. Both parks are of good quality, but since Boomer didn’t want to compete for the money we were left with only one park for the prize! No competition-no prize you would say. But since 5dave’s park is definitely a good one and would have done well if there had been more competitors, we decided to give him a consolidation prize of $50 and both parks have their own album with screenshots, description and download on our Special Parks page! Gardens of Eden by Boomer was made on the “Hidden Valley” template. It is accompanied by a fascinating story and certainly lives up to its name! A luscious and colorful park!
Firwood Theme Park by 5dave was made on the “Western” template. You will find 7 islands each dedicated to a facet of the Wild West. A well-balanced and harmonious park! Check them both out!

More news……We have a new staff member!!
We are proud to announce a new member to the RCT Fun staff: Emergo! We welcome her to the RCT Fun family. She is a great park builder who won several awards in the RCT community. Well thought out rides, excellent architecture combined with a very creative and well balanced use of scenery and colors make each of her parks a feast for the eye. Check out her parks on the RCT 2 Parks page.

And more news…..We have some brand new objects for you and a brand new park! Jo made some narrow boats and on Jo’s special request Charlene made a pile of iron ore. You can find them on the Misc. page. You also will find them in Jo’s new park: Ceirra—City by the Sea.

Not so new news…..In the past year when RCT Fun was “dormant” Mama Bear made several parks and quite a lot of scenery. As a wedding gift for the Amazing Earl she made a park called The Merry Manor. And especially for the 50th anniversary Disneyland celebration, a combined effort of RCT*Mart and RCTspace, she made Mama Bears Frontierland. Both parks can be found on the RCT 2 Parks page.

For the same event she also made scenery. The Frontierland tab, containing 128 items, can be found on the Tabs page. An Art Deco ornament, windows and door for the Tower of Terror, vines for the Castle and paintings for the Haunted Mansion. These objects can be found on the Misc. page.

Soon to be expected: More parks and templates by Jo. More parks by Emergo. The third T&M project. A park by Maurine & Wolfgang…….And who knows…maybe somebody picks up scenery making again…..?

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