~Our House Rules~


All parks, templates, tracks and custom scenery items are the property of their designer(s). Please do not distribute and/or alter any content from this site without prior written approval. Please RCT Fun for permission to distribute and/or alter their work.

If you download and use any of our files, you do so at your own risk, and you assume all responsibility for any problems which may occur. Reasonable precautions have been taken to ensure that files which are directly available from our site are trouble-free, but you should always scan any downloaded files for viruses.

Terms of use for Custom Scenery:

Scenery items have been created by:
  • Jo and Charlene (files named: cjk-xxxxx)
  • Mama Bear (files named: MG-xxxxx)
  • Maurine (files named: ms-xxxxx)
  • and are available only from RCT Fun.

    Most of the items are created from original artwork, therefore the specific designer/artist does retain the copyright ownership as set forth by international copyright law. The objects are NOT to be "altered" in any way, and they may not be used to create your own objects without prior written permission from the specific designer/artist or from RCT Fun.

    They may not be distributed as stand alone files, either individually or in groups, or posted on other web sites without prior written permission from the designers/artists or from RCT Fun. They may be used in your own parks and shared with others by selecting "Export plug-in object with saved games" from the options menu when you save your game.

    Conditions for using RCT Fun scenery in expansion packs.

    Please -- be polite and ask before using in an expansion pack.

  • There must be no charge WHATSOEVER for the expansion pack. It must be available as a free download to anybody who wishes to it without requiring membership or registration. There may be no solicitation for funds to help pay for the cost of the web site hosting the project.
  • The expansion pack may only be acquired from the site hosting the expansion pack. It may not be distributed on CDs or another portable media.
  • The objects may only be embedded in the scenarios. They may not be distributed as stand-alone files or as scenery packs.
  • The project must give credit to the designers with a link to the site.
  • As long as the above conditions are strictly followed, the scenery maybe used. If you have questions or requests, please email RCT Fun.

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