~Beast Trainer Ver2.1~

by Charlene

DISCLAIMER: All of the information below is based on personal experience only. Your experience with each of the different trainers may be different depending on which version of RCT you are using, the version of the trainer, and your computer system. There is always a possibility that using a trainer may cause corruption of a game in progress. It is also possible (and yes, I have had it happen to me) that a trainer may cause your installed RCT game files to become corrupted and require reinstallation of the game. You should always save your games frequently (under more than one name) to minimize the possibility of data loss. Any time that you leave a trainer running in the background, there is a possibility that it could cause RCT to become unstable and crash.

Use of trainers is done at your own risk and we are not responsible for any problems that may be caused from using trainers. Use of trainers always requires the Drexler patch. This page is only intended to display the features of the trainers for people who are "shopping" for a trainer. It is not intended to provide detailed instructions on its use. All trainers are copyrighted by their designers. 

Installation:  Self-extracting files. Trainer works best with RCT set to "window" mode to make accessing menus easier. Instructions for use of the features can be found on the official Beast homepage.

Trainer Features  
Park Tools. Lets you reset the date, freeze park rating, keep park clean, play with the weather settings, automatically renew advertising, enable scenarios, win scenarios, etc.

The Fix Park option can sometimes allow you to repair a park that has become  corrupted, usually from a problem with a trainer (but don't expect miracles because it can't fix everything).

Peeps Tools. Modify your peeps and staff. You can also have trams (small to huge in size) arrive if you want to add a lot of peeps at once to test your park.

Fast staff is a useful option if you have a sprawling megapark and not enough staff to keep up with the work. 
Rides Menu. Change setting for all rides (free and 10 minute inspections). You can also remove height restrictions if you want to build taller coasters and adjust lift hill speeds.

Landscaping Tools. Remove trees, shrubs, and/or flowers The special building modes let you make roads, merge tracks, and build through existing rides or scenery.

Lets you own and flatten all land if you want to create your own workbenches.

Help Tools. Includes some help and there is a link to the official Beast homepage if you get stuck or want additional information.

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