~DragonsIOAŠ Beta 6~

by Charlene

DISCLAIMER: All of the information below is based on personal experience only. Your experience with each of the different trainers may be different depending on which version of RCT you are using, the version of the trainer, and your computer system. There is always a possibility that using a trainer may cause corruption of a game in progress. It is also possible (and yes, I have had it happen to me) that a trainer may cause your installed RCT game files to become corrupted and require reinstallation of the game. You should always save your games frequently (under more than one name) to minimize the possibility of data loss. Any time that you leave a trainer running in the background, there is a possibility that it could cause RCT to become unstable and crash.

Use of trainers is done at your own risk and we are not responsible for any problems that may be caused from using trainers. Use of trainers always requires the Drexler patch. This page is only intended to display the features of the trainers for people who are "shopping" for a trainer. It is not intended to provide detailed instructions on its use. All trainers are copyrighted by their designers. 

Installation. Additional help for this trainer can be found on the DragonsIOA Home page and forums. When the program installs, there will be two files in the folder: rcttrainer.exe and chunk.dll. Each time the trainer runs, it will also create a file named ntdat.trn that can occasionally become corrupted if the trainer crashes. If RCT has problems restarting after a fatal error, you can always try deleting the ntdat.trn file as this sometimes corrects the problem. The program includes a built-in "Help Me!!" section if you run into problems.

Trainer Features  
Main Menu. This is the main menu for the DragonsIOA trainer beta version 6. If any of the settings are grayed out, you may need to reinstall the trainer.

General Settings. Allows you open or close any park, add money, add peeps (not physical peeps), enable all scenarios, etc. The win scenario may not work correctly in all scenarios, especially those in LL with goals to finish building coasters.
I have personally found the "Own All Land" and the timed functions to be a bit unstable on my system, so I don't use them.

I think that the features for moving the entrances click here for detailed instructions  are some of the best and most versatile around.

I never use the weather functions as they seem to be unstable on my system. (I prefer to use the TRG to cycle through the weather settings when it gets too rainy.)

Ride Tools. These allow you to make modifications to rides to change care type, train lengths, etc. Some of the changes may cause the rides (or possibly even the game) to crash. Using nonstandard vehicles may cause ghosts and glitches in the display.

This lets you play with the goals, rides, and money for the current game. You can also convert scenarios that don't use money (like Arid Heights), into parks that use money. The advantage to having money available is being able to control the advertising for your park.  

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