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by Charlene

DISCLAIMER: All of the information below is based on personal experience only. Your experience with each of the different trainers may be different depending on which version of RCT you are using, the version of the trainer, and your computer system. There is always a possibility that using a trainer may cause corruption of a game in progress. It is also possible (and yes, I have had it happen to me) that a trainer may cause your installed RCT game files to become corrupted and require reinstallation of the game. You should always save your games frequently (under more than one name) to minimize the possibility of data loss. Any time that you leave a trainer running in the background, there is a possibility that it could cause RCT to become unstable and crash.

Use of trainers is done at your own risk and we are not responsible for any problems that may be caused from using trainers. Use of trainers always requires the Drexler patch. This page is only intended to display the features of the trainers for people who are "shopping" for a trainer. It is not intended to provide detailed instructions on its use. All trainers are copyrighted by their designers. 

Installation.  Self-extracting files. Trainer is activated within the game by using the F12 key. Unfortunately, the homepage for the trainer is no longer available. But you can get the trainer here.

Trainer Features  
This has the most basic features. You can set Hot Keys for ones you use often, but try to make sure you don't set them to the same as those used by RCT.

Add cash adds $50,000 each time it is used.

The enlarge park option will let you own all the land except for the entrance/entrance path. This will also remove that ugly white boundary fence between owned and unowned land.

Enable scenarios must be activated each time RCT runs.

This lets you advertise in any park and to automatically renew the advertising (set on timer). This is nice if your megapark doesn't use money but you still want to be able to advertise.

Free ride, free drink, and ad campaign for ride do not automatically renew, but the others will.
This section changes all peeps at once. I normally only use it to give everybody a map, but you can also use it to modify peep intensity preferences if you make a park that has rides that normally exceed peep's tolerance. The more peeps you have, the longer the function will require to adjust all the peeps.

Unfortunately, if you give everybody a  balloon or umbrella, they only get black ones. If you want a variety of colors, the peeps have to buy them from the stalls.


This will allow you to change the rides to use different trains, longer trains, faster trains. Use with care as it may cause the rides (or the game) to crash. Rides that have nonstandard vehicles may not display properly, so expect to see some "ghosting".

This is the page for moving entrances. You can have a maximum of 2 entrances, and they must be on different edges of the map.

Moving entrances in smaller maps, such as Crater Lake or Urban Jungle, may cause this trainer to freeze. 

For more instructions, check out the moving entrances sections of the site.

This gives you control over the weather. If used on a timer, be sure to save regularly as it might become unstable.  

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