~Wide Paths~

by Charlene

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Wide Paths - General Principles

Wide paths that don't confuse peeps are now possible using the special building modes of the Beast Trainer. This feature does require a lot of planning in order to be sure that everything works properly. The most important thing is to plan your park to be sure that the working paths all connect. A sample park is available that shows the effect each type of path will have on the finished product because some of the paths, such as the tarmacs, have a shaded outline around the working path.

The trainer creates the appearance of wide paths by taking wide paths (that are built over the working paths) and sinking them to a level just below the working paths. This gives the appearance of a wide path, but the peeps are only able to access the working portion. This only works for flat paths that are flush with the land. It will not work with bridges or raised walkways (sorry, I don't make the rules).

All path planning and layout must be complete before you begin the special building modes. It is easiest if you take a unique color of land (I used snow) and mark where the wide paths will go. Then, lay in the working portion of the path. Be sure that all rides, stall, queues and ride exit paths connect to the working path.
Once your layout is complete, go into the Beast trainer and select "Begin Special Build Mode" from the Landscaping tools. 

Build the overlay wide paths two levels above the marked land. For the example, I have used red tarmacs over the working path to illustrate what happens when the function is complete.





After the wide paths are complete, go into the Beast trainer Landscaping tools, select "Execute Special Build Mode", then "Make Double-Wide Paths". This makes the overlay paths sink below the working path. You can see hint of red outlining the working area of the paths. Some of the paths, especially the tarmacs, will also cause shadowing that will outline the working path.


This shows the working double wide paths done without the red highlights. Peeps are confined to the working path when the park is opened.





Tips and Hints:
  1. Be sure all of your rides, stalls, queues, and exit paths connect to the working portion of the path before you attempt the special building mode.
  2. Do all of the paths at the same time. Be sure to save the park under a new name before you begin the special building mode. If something goes wrong, you can always restore the game.
  3. You may need to remove a section or two from rides which cross the paths in order to build the overlay paths. Be sure to check all your coasters when you are done (especially power launch coasters which don't give you an error message if the circuit is not complete).
  4. Try with a minipark first. If you have problems, you haven't wasted a lot of time. If it works, try a megapark next.


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