~Welcome to RCT Fun!!~

I've decided to reupload our old RCTFun Site.
Have a nostalgic backlook to the good old days of RCT1 and RCT2.
Have (RCT) Fun!!!
Maurine aka SilverCloud

This site is dedicated to fans of Roller Coaster Tycoon©, Corkscrew Follies©, Loopy Landscapes©, and RCT2©, (the "RCT" series created by Chris Sawyer).
You will find a huge selection of parks, scenery, templates/workbenches and other useful RCT utilities here.
Since we feel the game should let your imagination run wild so you can feel free to build the fantasy park of your dreams, most of our parks are just that: fantasies! And sometimes that can go to extremes. A couple of us have a slightly warped sense of humor.
But occasionally one of our staff members builds a park that is a recreation or an interpretation of something existing in the Real World.

No matter what we do our motto is:

Have (RCT) Fun!

The RCT Fun staff.

Our site is not affiliated with the Official RCT site.

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