~RCT 1 Tutorials~

The tutorials found here are originally by Charlene and Skeg. Modified to fit in with the new look of RCT Fun by Maurine. All of the tutorials from the old RCT Fun site will gradually be added.
The instructions are fully illustrated, so they may download slowly.
Have RCT(Fun)!!!


  • Introduction to Entrances
  • by Charlene

  • Wide Paths
  • by Charlene

  • Skeg's RCT Guide (Under Construction)
  • by Skeg
  • Trainer Features
  • by Charlene
  • Beast Trainer Ver2.1

  • DragonsIOAŠ Beta 6

  • RCT Trainer Lite 1.7


    All Tutorials are Copyright © by the specific Author. Not to be reproduced without permission.

    DISCLAIMER by Charlene (CJK):
    All of the information is based on personal experience only. Your experience with each of the different trainers may be different depending on which version of RCT you are using, the version of the trainer, and your computer system. There is always a possibility that using a trainer may cause corruption of a game in progress. It is also possible (and yes, I have had it happen to me) that a trainer may cause your installed RCT game files to become corrupted and require reinstallation of the game. You should always save your games frequently (under more than one name) to minimize the possibility of data loss. Any time that you leave a trainer running in the background, there is a possibility that it could cause RCT to become unstable and crash.

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